Moon Rock Kennel

Allevamento American Staffordshire Terrier


It was now the far 2000
when he got my first
American Staffordshire Terrier, the large moon
and never I would have imagined that, almost 10 years
later, I was still here with a love and a passion stronger than the first day ...

Have not always been easy years, life is strange and unpredictable, always put to the test even in the most intense passions ... Me with my dogs I have been through a lot, but their love, their loyalty they gave me a strength that only amstaf can give you. I will be eternally grateful to this wonderful breed that only its owner can understand how unique and extraordinary.

Since I was born my love for animals is part of me and my life could only take place around them. I can not imagine doing anything but live with my dogs, in the midst of nature. But apart from that I think may be of interest to a few, but makes it clear who I am, I continue in my goal, make a small contribution to improving these magnificent dogs raised with love and with the teachings of the great breeders of the past that never thank enough for have created and shaped such a great race. What counts for me is the character, health, and am having a staf that reflects the standard as possible. In recent years I have had my greatest satisfactions in giving my dogs in households which have become an integral part.

Now enough talking, I leave you visit the site so you can watch as I, we live the amstaf.

Finally thanks, first to all my family for supporting me and helped me, friends that I met over the years, especially Paco, for teaching me so much on staf am, at Maria-Grazia, said Mg a great friend to whom I owe so much. To all of you thanks.

If God wants a new era is dawning in the Moon Rock, a dream that is becoming more consistent and I would like to quote a phrase from a great man:

"... I can do everything in him who gives me strength"
Luca Landi