thank you very much Sara Nugent (Our Gang Kennel)

May 1, 2013

thank you so much Sara Nugent, a true legend of our great breed for the pleasant and enlightening conversation carry a small piece but very significant:

There are two types of AST owners. Some who love the breed and want to preserve them as they should be. To those people, shows are not the most important thing. The dog is the most important. The other type loves to win, and that is the most important thing. They will do whatever it takes to win. Big dogs are more impressive. They stand out. So they win. Also, if people can buy their win, then who cares whether the dog is right or not?

I had APBT before I got into show Am Stafs. I loved my dogs and was perfectly happy. I was showing horses. The year that I got married, my very good jumper (horse) died, and I could not afford to replace him. I thought that showing dogs would be cheaper than showing horses, so I found the closest thing to my APBT and began with the AST. I was very successful with my early dogs. When the judging became so poor, and I thought I knew more than any of the judges, I quit showing because I didn't want to change my dogs to win. I continued to breed what I thought was right. I have not shown in conformation in nearly 20 years. I show in obedience and agility - performance classes. I became more active in teaching judges and hoped to make a difference for the dogs that way.

Unfortunately, I have not made much difference with education, but I try.

Sara Nugent